"Share the Knowledge"

"Expand your knowledge" is where ALL is invited to join classes and/or seminars by History Teachers, Historians and more.  We want to provide easy access to African American knowledge that is true and can be verified.  All classes will be online, which will allow individuals from all over to know our African history.  We encourage young children to be a part of this as well.  So, that more African American history will become a necessity in all of our schools, along with other cultures.  In order for our world to heal, we must have knowledge.  True knowledge.  Black Wall Street Online work hard at providing to those that join the best of the best.  

We encourage that these conversations can continue at home.  When joining any of our sessions we ask that everyone is respectful to others and be mindful that children can be online as well.  

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that learning about African American history is not easy for everyone.  We ask that everyone take notes to research the information at your convenience to validate what is being shared with you.  We do ask that you "get on the list" (sign up) and share the ages of those who will be attending these sessions.  



Black Wall Street Tulsa, OK 1921 (Full Video)

Uploaded and Credited to Ajani Khalid 

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