How did the name Black Wall Street Online LLC come about?

During COVID-19, this terrible Virus impacted many Small Businesses, not only across the United States but across the World.  I have always been a firm believer in supporting Small Businesses.  Once I saw the impact that it had on Small Businesses, the layoffs and many had to close their doors for good.  The GOD I serve said, "There is more you can do!" and that's what I am doing along with my awesome team.  


As an African American during this time, the small businesses that immediately came to my mind was the original "Black Wall Street" in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Greenwood District) during 1921.  An area that was predominately black successful business owners.  They worked together and supported one another, and they thrived.  They did so well that the racist whites burned the entire area down because they were jealous of the African Americans and the success that they were having.  


Now, Black Wall Street Online LLC is not just about Black Owned businesses but ALL Small Businesses that believe that this world can do and be better when we ALL work alongside one another.  On this platform we respect each other's business.  So, if you're a Small Business and you want to do what you can to help your businesses grow at a rate that's affordable, register with us. 


There is an attached form that we ask that everyone take serious when filling out.  We're not just a platform of pushing for other small businesses but a platform that will be providing avenues to "share the knowledge" with those that want to know more about the African American History.  

If you visited this site to possibly support a Small Business, we would love to say "Thank you" in advance.

We support all HBCU's (each month Black Wall Street Online LLC and its registered businesses will donate to a different HBCU)